Front Cover Friday – Illustrated Covers

FRONT COVER FRIDAY IS BACK! After a really really long absence (sorry) due to uni work and my dissertation taking over my life I’m back to tell you all about my favourite covers!

This week FCF is all about illustrated covers. By illustrated I basically mean anything that isn’t a photo/real life cover (not a big fan of those). This list is by no means final, I fall in love with a new book cover every week, so here are some of my current favourites.


J.M Barrie – Peter Pan


If I could work out how to put emojis in my posts, the heart eyes one would definitely go here.

The whole series of the Puffin Chalk covers are amazing, they are so pretty and detailed and the books have deckled pages which is AMAZING because they are my all time favourite thing on books and not enough books have them!

Laure Eve – The Graces / The Curses

THESE COVERS THOUGH! I originally bought the UK version of The Graces, even though I much preferred the US cover (above). I read it and loved it so much that I had to have it with this cover. So I ordered it (very expensively) all the way from America and I’m probably going to do the same when The Curses comes out. Can you blame me? They are so beautiful and probably some of my all time favourite covers.

(you can read some more of my fangirling about The Graces here)

Mary Shelley – Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus and Elizabeth Gaskell – North and South

This one should probably be ‘any Penguin English Library cover’ because I love all of them, they are all sooo beautiful! These are just two of my favourites.

Philip Pullman – Sally Lockhart Series


I originally bought The Ruby in the Smoke because of the cover, I didn’t even read the back, I just saw the Vitorian-esque drawing and had to immediately buy it. The book did not disappoint, along with the other covers/books in the series!

J. K. Rowling – Harry Potter

These are just some of the Harry Potter covers that I love. They are all wonderful and I would probably be able to waffle on all day about the different ones and how well they capture the story… but I will spare you the twenty page post and just say *heart eyes emoji* again!

What are your favourite illustrated covers? Let me know so I can buy them all!

Coral x

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