Top Ten Tuesday – Favourite Villains

I am well aware that it is Wednesday. I completely forgot to post this yesterday (woops). So here is my Top Ten Wednesday – All about my favourite villains. I feel like a lot of these will be on a most peoples lists, they’re just so perfect, but none-the-less, here are my ten favourite bookish villains.

Favourite Villains

Count Olaf – A Series of Unfortunate Events

This guy is relentless. I really enjoyed trying to work out what character Olaf was masquerading as, or how he was going to get to the orphans. He kept me guessing a lot.


Miss Havisham – Great Expectations

Just a purely evil lady. Who, evidently does not deal with rejection well. Helena Bonham Carter portrays her so well in the film.


 Count Fosco – The Woman in White

I loved to hate Fosco. He was so cool and calculated all the time.


Dolores Umbridge – Harry Potter

Obviously no explanation needed. She made my blood boil.


President Snow – The Hunger Games

I couldn’t work out my feelings about Snow. On the one hand I thought he was pure evil, but on the other hand I think he was just doing what he thought was best. In the end I hated Coin the most I think.


Negan – The Walking Dead

Just a down right mean son of a b**ch


Athos and Astrid Dane – A Darker Shade of Magic

I would love to see how they are portrayed in a movie.


The Malfoys – Harry Potter

As the books went on I began to feel sorry for Draco more than anything. I mainly loved the look of the whole family. They just look evil.


Severus Snape – Harry Potter

I’m sorry for all the Harry Potter – Rowling just writes such good characters! What I loved about Snape is that although you spent most of the books hating him, in the end everyone loved him.


Bellatrix LeStrange – Harry Potter

My Favourite villain of all time. She is just the perfect mix of crazy and evil.


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16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Favourite Villains

  1. YES! I agree with Count Olaf! He scared me as a kid! But I agree with you, you never knew when he was going to appear, or as what. My favourite has to be either Shirley in the Miserable Mill, or Stefano in The Reptile Room. Great list! 🙂


  2. A good chunk of my list was also Harry Potter characters. 🙂 I had the dementors and Umbridge. I also thought about adding Gilderoy Lockhart. I know he’s not a typical villain but I think I could make an argument for him!


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