Front Cover Friday

Whilst making plans for my future posts, I thought about something I could do every week which others might find interesting, or even want to join in with. So, I came up with Front Cover Friday! I am really bad for buying books purely based on their covers or buying multiples of the same books because they have different pretty covers, or just because a series on my shelf has to match. As you can tell I’m pretty obsessed with covers. What better way to make myself feel better about my obsession than to blog about it!

Every Friday I will post some of my favourite covers. Each week will have a different theme (listed below). If you want to join in I would be absolutely thrilled! Just link back to this blog and let me know in the comments if you are joining so I can link to you.

5th May: Multi-Coloured covers

12th May: Blue covers

19th May: Sci-Fi Covers

26th May: Cover Buys


There is no right or wrong with these prompts, interpret them in whatever way you choose. If you have any ideas for different themes I would love to hear them too!

Past Front Cover Fridays:

23rd September: Moody covers

30th September: Real Life Covers

7th October: Fall/Autumnal Covers

28th April: Illustrated Covers