Light – Rob Charm



Light is a silent graphic novel that follows a pair of adventurers on an epic quest to collect five magic gems from deep inside the earth and bring them to the surface to return colour to the world. On the way they carry fire-lit torches through secret places and endless passages, swim in crystal-clear waters, encounter strange beasts and creatures, and meet strange mysterious hermits!


I’ve never read a silent comic before. It was a really wonderful surprise.

I actually read the synopsis fully after finishing the book and IΒ found that I interpreted the story in my own way, which is, I think, the best thing about a silent comic.

To me, it was a story about conquering fears, making new friends and going on adventures. A really lovely story all in all.

The drawings are fantastic and have a really cool old-school retro vibe! There is a mixture of colour and black and white drawings which help to highlight the feel of the story at certain points!

I really enjoyed this, I would definitely recommend it to children and adults alike!


I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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