The Little Book of Feminism – Harriet Dyer

The Little Book of Feminism

I read a lot of books about feminism. A lot of the work I do at uni focuses on gender/feminism issues, so when I got the chance to review this book I obviously grabbed it with both hands.

Obviously the books I read for uni are written by academics and a lot of the time I’m totally overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information or the over-wordy style that some academics used. So when I first started my studies I had to learn the hard way, there was never a book that just told me what I needed to know to get started and understand the basics. Enter The Little Book of Feminism.


From the corseted rabble-rousers of the suffragist movement to the sharp-fingered bloggers of today, this comprehensive little guide will teach you the history, theory and big issues and everything you need to know to become a CARD-CARRYING FEMINIST.


I read the book in one sitting at only 96 pages it is a really easy read. Although, just because it is short it doesn’t mean that it misses any of the key information out. The writing style is perfectly concise.

What I really liked is that this book gave statistics, historical details, timelines, quotes, important names and details of first, second and third wave feminism. All in 96 pages!

I would definitely recommend this book. It is such a fantastic starting point for anyone that wants to what feminism is all about, where it came from and how it affects us right up to today.



* I would like to thank the lovely Abbie at Summersdale Publishers for sending me this fabulous little book!


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